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Truwear: Launching a Premium Performance Brand

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Truwear, the premium performance workwear company, launched its updated website this week allowing consumers access to an array of superior active business attire. The men's fashion company aims to bridge the divide between the dynamic and elite world of luxury businesswear and the comfortable multi-functional selection of active loungewear. Offered at affordable prices, this new line of performance workwear is sure to satisfy the needs of the modern renaissance man, allowing executive appeal with a multipurpose functionality.

As a mission-driven clothing company built for the busy consumer, Truwear's mission is to bridge the divide between comfort and class, between chaos and simplicity, and between ignorance and understanding. With every purchase they want to commit to re-stitching the social fabric of their community by making donations, giving assistance, and creating awareness. Truwear comfort technology will bridge the divide to make clothing ready for anything that life offers.

Founded because the owners wanted to empower individuals to have the utmost confidence in their day to day activities, their motto of "Bridge the Divide" is meant to build awareness and unity in the local community and families. As a result, Truwear strives to "bridge the divide" between ignorance and awareness as they infuse the fashion culture with giving and putting others first. Their goal is to give back monetarily and with TRU-products to create confidence for each individual consumer, the families they support, and therefore the community.

All of Truwear's products have been handcrafted, sourced, and produced with a quality and precision unmatched in the industry today. Because of a 20 year relationship with production managers and clothing manufacturers, Truwear has been able to mitigate and avoid many of the struggles other companies, and therefore their customers, fall victim to. Through this firm relationship, they have secured only the highest quality materials with the highest amount of touch points and quality assurances. Every individual stitch, every cut, and aspect of the creation process has been done with meticulous care. Over a year of research and development went into creating each individual product ensuring the customer proper fit and the best and highest quality fabric blends.

Truwear's clothing is technologically advanced in its design and makeup culminating in a product that is water resistant, stain resistant, odor resistant, machine washable and that has an optimal 360 degree TRU-fit stretch.  All of this, in combination with an affordable price tag, means Truwear aims to be the premier option in performance workwear.

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