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  When Truwear co-founders, Tim Nixon and Joseph Hawes, were first contemplating their premium performance workwear line they were determined to provide a product of the utmost quality and endurance. In today's world, they realized, clothing had become almost disposable, a "wear once or twice and toss" phenomena that disturbed the eco-friendly duo.  As a whole, the quality of men's clothing was lacking, with designs mass produced so quickly that the fit and shape of the garments were flawed and entirely inadequate, and nothing, they saw, was holding up to a normal everyday wear and tear. Beyond that, they foresaw the prospect of combining performance wear with businesswear to bridge the divide between formal and comfortable.

They consulted Amber Williams, a fashion designer and professor at Utah State University, who specializes in outdoor apparel product and design to discuss the specific requirements in garment construction that lend a product to being performance wear. She helped them understand that quality fibers can be made to be stain, odor, liquid and wrinkle resistant while still maintaining their shape and fit. She went on to teach them that these longer lasting material fibers, while more expensive up front, lead to a much higher "wear and use" ratio and less material waste. Which, essentially, means consumers will save money in the long run by purchasing quality-made articles of clothing because they'll be able to wear them longer before having to purchase replacements. These quality fibers also wash better and if produced correctly, are easier to care for. Amber walked them through which fibers could be combined to produce premium performance workwear that endures and Mr. Nixon and Mr. Hawes took note.

They then conferred with Tommaso Cardullo, famed Italian fashion designer and tailor of luxury suits, who helped them understand how the little things like the type of stitch used in assembly can dramatically affect the quality of a garment. He taught them the magic of creating a blend of fabrics and stitching can be ennobling to any man. Allowing men to be more versatile with their wardrobe lends itself to a happier, more efficient lifestyle. 

Truwear did the work; they put in the time, researched, sourced, designed, and created every man’s ideal workwear line. Over a year of consultations, experiments, and development went into constructing the right sizing, the best fabric blends, and the highest overall quality of materials. They recognized every individual stitch, every cut, and aspect of the creation process is important and should be done with precision. And that's how this brand was born; with true quality, true comfort, and true style, Truwear sets a new high bar in performance men's wear.

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